Woke up little spicy… just sayin'

       Gosh… This skinny thing problem…
Not in my case because I don’t care that much to become depressed over what people think but have you ever though that pushing or saying too many times things like “you lost to much weight”, “did you lost weight again?” “you’re too skinny” can affect or annoy someone?  As bigger size persons can have an issue or complex it can be the same for a skinnier one.

      It’s crazy how every time I go there…or there, some people maybe the same ones every time, are telling me those things about me being skinny. I even had a friend some time ago telling me if I lose more weight I’m going to die. Seriously? Why so bad? Because you didn’t drop the kg after your pregnancy? Have I ever said to you that if you are going to eat in that way you are going to explode? No, I didn’t !
     I’m perfectly ok. It’s true I’m skinnier than ever and this came the same time with me delivering my baby. Since then I lost the kg I had from pregnancy and even more.
     Don’t tell to a person “eat something” I consider it rude and not in the correct place.  Maybe I have opinions as well about your weight but I respect each person and I’m not gonna start telling you that you are fat or to stop eating.  How do you know if I eat or not? How do you know how many times I eat daily and what I eat? Simple …You don’t know!
     Do not worry! I am eating and I am eating pretty good! And I’m drinking a lot of Pepsi twist daily ! I just don’t gain weight! Is it so impossible?  I’m not a lazy person, I’m walking a lot and I’m always moving. Maybe that is helping.
    I’m sure a lot of girls and women are in the same situation and they don’t like those kinds of questions or someone pushing them about their weight and some of they can even have a complex about not gaining weight!
    Like I said it, in the beginning, this doesn’t depress me or affect me just annoys me sometimes because I heard it many times lately and I fed up.
   I know even though I’m skinny that I’m healthy, I’m eating enough and I feel good. I feel good in my body and I like it ! Actually, I feel better than ever and that’s the most important thing, right? 🙂


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