With which one can you relate the most?

                       ″Clothes do not make the man″ it’s such a well-known phrase and an age-old dilemma and I’m sure, there still are people that don’t believe or agree with it.
                       Of course between relatives, friends or acquaintances, not clothes make the man, but personality and behaviour, which are already known by them.
                        Yet, nowadays, the clothes we wear have a massive influence on the image that we present, at least at first glance. People who do not know you as a person involuntarily will judge you by their first impression, your total outfit, your manners and therefore by your style.
                        How many times you were not in the mood to dress up and you threw on yourself what you had on hand, like some basic items and a cap to hide your bad mood of the day and once you arrived at Starbucks for a coffee, you noticed that you do not have a good outfit, that not makes you shine and this influenced your mood from bad to worst ? 
                       So yes, clothes are a very important branch of the man’s life, the mirror of the one who wears, in essence, are part of us and greatly influences our personality. Once we are well dressed, with quality clothes or not necessary way too expensive but nice, this affects our mental state, we feel good about ourselves, we have a burst of confidence and we radiate the good vibes and that’s a pretty good and strong impression to send at first glance for someone that doesn’t know you, right? Your fashion style represents you and defines you as a person and since your personality and style goes hand in hand, today we go around them.

                         Today is about fashion styles based on personalities so here are the six personality types found, and each of us is a combination of them, yet having only one dominant and none of them is above in any way, better or worse, smarter or less smart.
                                                 The EMPATHETIC personality type that is affectionate, sensitive and has the ability to be attentive to each other’s needs. With a neat look express their feelings easily, prefer comfortable and welcoming environment and operates in jobs based on communication and counselling.
                                                  In their fashion style, are found colours which are sweet, tender, assorted and soft or elegant materials, pleasant to the touch. Large hats followers, they prefer fine jewellery, tie pins, cuff links, scarves and waistcoats.
                                           The WORKAHOLIC type who is responsible, organised and opt for tasks that require organisation and precision. Here are generally people who require gratitude for their facts and work, those who first think and then feel. 
                                           Their style is elegant, credible and current, they put quality first and then the quantity, are holders for few but precious jewellery and they go on the premise little but expensive.
                                         The DREAMER personality type is the calm, thinker, who just wants to be comfortable. Rarely expresses feelings, needs solitude, lives in a simple environment and most often work in fields that require solitude or research.
                                         The style is natural and most of the clothes are practical, comfortable and the general picture is peaceful and simple. Considering that the most important thing is to be comfy and that for those in this type of personality, clothes are not too important,  generally, they opt for jeans and sneakers.
                                       The PROMOTER type is adaptable and full of charm. The feelings exposure is rarely and is a sign of weakness, working in areas where challenges require, the majority of this type are firm and direct and the luxurious environment is the one that is preferred.
                                       In the promoter style, colours are bright, bold and stark contrasts. The image is seductive, fascinating yet at the same time trendy and confident and generally emphasises outfits with statement jewellery and accessories.
                                            The PERSEVERENT type is devoted and an observer. Feels good in a traditional environment and always express the ideas. Reserved in expressing feelings, evaluate people and things according to their own opinions.  
                                            The style is the classic, they go for a respectable image and the favourite colours are subtle, monochromatic. With simple hairstyles, majority harmonises their bags with their shoes and wear valuable family jewellery, including brooches.
                                            The REBEL is spontaneous and creative, lives in a fun environment, surrounded by people dynamic and requires as many social contacts. Those who have this personality type are those who express their feelings easily and generally work in fields that require creativity.
                                            The rebel style is based on the unique and inventive image. With ruffled and colourful hairstyles, they want to be accepted for what they are and not for what they wear. Not quite tempered when it comes to clothes and sometimes through their outfits or mixes they can give a bad taste impression.
                         So this is it! A huge connection between each personality and fashion style! It is so true fact, that all of us we are a combination of these six types of personalities since I really find myself a bit in all of them but I really don’t find the dominant type. What about you? With which one can you relate the most?
                        It was one of my favourite parts from what I’ve learned to fashion stylists courses and I said to share with you!

I hope you liked it, cya later! Muah!


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