Where can I do better than here? #planningfuture

″Dear Past, thank you for your lessons. Dear Future, I’m ready!″    


    The time it’s flying, that’s for sure! Christmas passed already and we have one last step that keeps us apart from the new year that’s coming. The start of a new year is a powerful reminder that you should seek to better yourself and always feels like a chance to try new things, to change or even to start over. New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching and while I’m drinking my glass of sweet and fruity Portuguese rose′, I want to do something I’ve haven’t done before. I literally want to write my thoughts for the fresh new year that comes and where can I do better than here? Thoughts or better… what I want to happen, I want to plan my goals for next year, to see how it goes this time.

″If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten!″

     If you are positive and you believe, it’s possible to succeed, right? So why not start doing something new right now? 
    We are responsible for what we have, what we get or what we achieve in a full year and of course is up to us if we give our best and how much we work for the things we want. So I guess if I know what I want to happen and how I want my life to be if I draw a line under my past and focus very clearly on my future, I’m gonna work hard and give my best to really achieve and make it happen. 

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.″

SIDE NOTE: This year I’m going to use the New Year’s Eve Tradition – The Red Underwear! I don’t know about you guys, but I know this ”lucky” tip since I was little yet I never use it. 
     A fresh start… 🙂
     First and very important is that my daughter is starting definitely kindergarten, even though we have a bad experience with it, it’s a MUST. I’m gonna stay home until February, to be available at any time, just in case that she gets sick. I’m sure we’ll pass this kindergarten sensibility. 
    Once my baby gets used and we are super happy, I will start my internship at a fashion magazine and from that moment I’m sure many will change. Starting with my mood that will be noticeably better, for the simple fact that I will have a new program, I will reorganize myself and I will detach a bit from the same routine that I’ve had in the last three years.
     I will start working in the field that I love and I want.
     I will buy my own domain for the blog. It’s a MUST! #TheSoonerTheBetter
    Since now I’m using the iPhone and CyberShot Sony camera for my pictures and I am not totally satisfied with the results, I’m going to a buy a DSLR to have better quality pictures on my site.
    I’m going to improve my blog content, even though I’m still kind of new at this I started to get used, to know how things work, I like to do this every day more and I want more from it. I’m going to focus more on fashion and style and most of my posts will include myself, with daily outfits, outfits ideas, and challenges. 
   My dream shop will launch first online on my website, I find this the correct option considering that the site is my top priority and I want it to grow as much as possible.
   Since I finished the fashion stylist and fashion consultant courses,  I will make another in PR or fashion editor. Or better BOTH! 
   This will lead me for some time back to my country and since I really want to have some time as well to travel a bit in my beautiful country and I really want to go to our unique mountains, I have to choose the best period of the year to do it well.
   I will make my fiance see that Romania is the country that deserves and is perfect for us to settle down in a few years.
    I will go skiing! 
    I will do a 12-month money challenge…
    I will start doing some sport…
    I will hear big news about Michael Jackson!!! 
    I’m gonna turn 30. :)) 
   I will break a bad habit! 
   I will be better!
Dream it + Believe it + Plan it = Achieve it 




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