What I did today ? Browniessss !

     It is not a 100% daily routine! I chose this day schedule because it’s involved my first time baked brownie! img_5544

5th November

8am – wake up in my dusty pink satin pajamas, jumping from bed, taking my phone
8:15am – drinking my warm lemon water and smoking like a dragon
8:30am – brushing teeth blah, blah
8:45am – if the fam didn’t wake up, I go next to them and make sure they do it in the next few minutes
9am – preparing breakfast chocolate milk, coffee and today I chose egg in the hole toast 

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      Losing time… smoking, checking WP stats, Instagram, my mobile strike game etc…
      Moving from room to room, drinking another coffee, smoking and thinking what to do today….
      I decided to make brownies, I have everything I need except sugar, so…
11:30am – preparing to go out, dressing in an outfit, staring in the mirror I decide that I don’t like and I totally change it
12:00pm – dressing the baby, preparing the bag and we go
      First stop to pharmacy since my daughter is coughing a little and I need some syrup 🙂
     After pharmacy we take away one iced coffee and walking, walking and more walking, for more than 1-hour distance from our house to see what supermarkets we have around…
     Even though I needed for my brownie only sugar, I knew that some friends come to visit us so we bought much more… like always…
4pm – because I am like a GPRS and good to orientation :)) we took on some shortcuts and we arrived home way faster
5pm – after relaxing a bit I start to make the brownie for the first time
     And is ready ! 
7pm – cooking for my daughter and preparing her to eat
8pm – watching the Romanian series ” Bravo ai stil ”
9pm – taking a Bath
10pm – writing this and post it 

      Good night peeps ! Muah ! 🙂 


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