We always want more

“I bought this as a birthday present for my wife… she loves it! The only problem is, I can’t pull her away from it.

It’s been three weeks now, the kitchen is a disaster, the kids are starving… the bathroom has been out of toilet paper for days… but we all have beautiful new scarves!”

Above it’s the best review I have ever read! It made me so happy and I totally understand that women, behind her new sewing machine – birthday present.

Well, one thing is clear for me…

In the human beings the “it’s not enough” feeling is natural and it’s something we probably cannot change.

OK… I really don’t want to make anyone upset around here and I’ll say that MOST of the humans are constantly wanting more. Even if, my personal opinion is that this constant crave it’s in each and one of us, since we come in this world.

We always want more and that’s OK! 

Three years ago, when I started this blog journey,I was a staying at home mom.

Frustrated that I’m not working, that I am not socializing and I don’t have much connection with humans anymore…

Well, that’s completely understandable considering the fact that since forever, I liked to be and I was independent financially, I’ve always been free to go wherever and whenever wanted to go.

So… getting in my maternity leave, then taking “a break” for 3 years from work and being mostly home something that most of the new mothers pass by, brought me pure happiness for those unique and irreplaceable moments yet, at the same time, much more anxiety then it suppose to or normally do I guess…

Now I’m working, I’m back on track and everything’s fine in that area yet… I’m looking for more things to do, or hobbies or “time for myself, my quiet hour” as we mothers like to say.

So what’s with the review?

New hobby ahead…

I’ve decided that if I would have a sewing machine I could do plenty of things… Not sure if is true though… or at least not at the beginning since I don’t have any experience.

But since I am a pretty stubborn person and a fast learner so with these two combined after some practice and in time, I’m sure I’ll do something with it.

Well… I’m currently looking for a sewing machine perfect for beginners but at the same time strong enough for harder materials as well.

I have the Brother brand in my mind. Lately, I’ve been reading reviews on all the sewing machines I could afford and as I said, that review catched me instantly. It made me so happy that I’m already seeing myself making from my clothes some nice pieces for my daughter, alternating anything I need for myself and making for my husband personalized chef trousers for his job.

Dreamy much? 

I always want more and I guess that’s OK! 

I’m constantly trying to improve my life.

I always want new things in my life and new things to do, things which may or may not open larger paths eventually…

Until next time! Muah!

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