Tourist in my country | Favorite places & My best friend’s wedding


Soo.. when someone says holiday, most of the people sure do think of sunny white sandy beaches.

Alongside crystal clear waters, perfectly surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. #paradise

And YES!

That definitely sounds amazing, and it should be an unforgettable kind of holiday.

But when it comes to me…

Maybe because I’m far from home… Because I constantly miss my country or maybe because I absolutely adore the mountains.. the best and my perfect holiday is home.

I knew for some time that my best friend is getting married.

And since she told me, it was a definitive set up for this summer to go home without any doubts.




Firstly she was getting married and I was one of her bridesmaids – I couldn’t miss the chance to be next to her, on such an important day and step of her life.

Secondly… I didn’t see her for almost 6 years – it was just about time to share some moments, tears, hugs, tequila shots and pizzas together…
Thirdly, I would never say NO to “a few off days, home, with my family”.

And last but not least – it was just about time to spend our holiday as a couple as well considering that in the last two years I went to my country just with my daughter.

So for this year, this was my only chance to go and drag Luigi after me.

In Transylvania! Finally to show him a part of the Romanian’s mountains (which I am so proud of) and some places where I used to go every month when I was a child and which I love since then.

About the wedding…..


It was just perfect! A beautiful day, a wonderful wedding, an amazing and special couple, surrounded only by beautiful and fun people!

We had so much fun since we arrived in Targu Mures until we went back home to Bucharest. It was the first time in five years when we had a weekend just for us. And we enjoyed it to the max.

The wedding started pretty early.

Quick example – at 5 a.m. I had the makeup appointment and when I arrived there, my friend (the bride) had already her makeup done.

Just let me tell you that around 7 a.m. most of the guests were all glammed up and present in a beautiful garden, at the hotel where we and the couple stayed over the weekend.

We dressed the bride, had some moments, hugs and fun together…

Then at 7:30 a.m. we were listening to a prayer, cheering our champagne glasses and congratulating the couple.

And somehow, at 7:45 or so… I burst out my first tears and emotions. Blame it on early champagne!

It was perfect since the beginning till the grand ending at the club!

About the rest of the holiday?

Here! Have a look at some of my favourite places which I’ve been lucky to see again…

Until next time. Muah!


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