Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials For Summer


                          Hey there everyone, as we all know already, a lot of new trends for the current and future seasons are revealed, influenced and constantly presented during the great fashion shows. 

                          A lot of them are not so accepted by everyone and not so easy to wear and the rest, perfect to introduce in street style outfits and not only. 
                         There are so many of those new trends that are easy to wear by absolutely everyone and are found as well in pretty accessible prices in Zara or Topshop, the very well known high street shops, that are constantly focused on keeping up with the latest trends.
                          We all know already some of the latest fashion trends that are in for this summer and what pieces we have to buy to upgrade our wardrobe a bit. But what should we do when we have plenty of clothing items already, some of them brand new, others wore only once and when we cannot afford a shopping session for more than 5 new pieces given the available free space of our wardrobe?
                         Yes, me personally, I have this issue and is sooo annoying! 
                         Considering that I do not live in my own country, in my own house, the sad wardrobe size I have available (and let me tell you that from three closets two are mine…) that we’re not so stable at the moment and every single time when we move I have to carry lots and lots of clothes and shoes, which started to be really tiring, it’s truly is a constant problem to me.
                         Therefore, even if many of the latest fashion trends would be my taste or I would really like to have, the fair way for me, is to choose the essential ones. Items that are missing from my wardrobe, items that I really, really need and if they are among the top trending as well, that’s my jackpot!
                         Here are the top 5 wardrobe essentials for summer!
One hell of a stylish swimsuit

One piece swimsuit
Oseree glossy effect swimsuit

Espadrilles you’ll wear all summer

Gap Women Suede Lace Up Espadrilles
Nasty Gal Missing Pieces Lattice Espadrille

The cool beach bag that is worth worn on and of the sand

SUNDRY Sea Sun Salt Straw Bag
Hat Attack Round Handle Tote
Nannacay Natural Straw Cleo Box Tote

Must have slide sandals

Dolce and Gabbana Black Flower Slide Sandals
Fenty Puma x Rihanna Women's Satin Bandana Pool Slide Sandals
Adidas flip flops

The power bag

GUCCI 'Padlock' Mini Leather Shoulder Bag With Stars Patches
Alexander McQueen Insignia embellished leather shoulder bag
Valentino Medium leather embellished heart cross-body bag
Only 5 but definitely essential, isn’t that right?
Until next time! Muah!
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