Such A Sporty Day

               Hey there everyone!
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              I remember that when I was a teenager, I was totally a football supporter, going even to the stadium to see football matches, played by Steaua Bucharest, the main team in Romania I may say.  Eh… I had there one favourite player… that’s for sure… actually two of them Ogăraru defender and the goalkeeper Khomutovski. 
             That story lasted until one season when Villarreal eliminated Steaua from UEFA Cup and while tearing up a bit for the ″catastrophe″, I said fuck it, no more. 
            From that time though… I’m a fan of Barcelona as well and this somehow managed to last until now. 
            Back then, I was not the kind of person to start buying different souvenirs, signed equipment t-shirts, scarves, or things like that, although now, I own a number 10 t-shirt, I managed to get Messi’s signature on a  photo with me and my daughter, and I have from Adidas, kids section more precisely some Messi trainers.
            So, I guess I’m more Messi fan, a thing that’s not going to change.
           Today it’s about it! My Messi sneakers!

                If Saturday I had my post title “That Day When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything“, let me tell you that Monday, I woke up with a mood to do more than ever.
               Especially sport! I woke up, drank my coffee and I decided to go running. Since something like this is pretty new to me, I don’t have any special equipment but I managed to pull out one outfit to be good for running. 

              I did not wear these sneakers before and although I like pretty much, I still think I bought them just so, to have them since they were in the Messi collection and blah blah blah…
             They probably are not the most stylish or nice shoes, but Monday they’ve really proved that they are useful and they do have a sense in my wardrobe. 
             I chose a pair of black leggings which are definitely not sporty, yet they were ok a basic black top and underneath, probably the single gym item I have in my wardrobe, that being an orange bustier. 
           And voilà, my running outfit was ready!
           Let me show you…
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Until next time! Muah!


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