Overdressed for the day? Maybe tomorrow! – Sporty in Reserved

I had in mind red lips for the day… But just in mind since I did woke up with the “too lazy to move yet too bored to stay home” mood.
Thought to my sweater dress in a midi length, with side splits. Maybe a statement necklace which screams to be worn, and a pair of decent heeled booties perfect for my “no heels allowed” kinda issue.
But when one wants pictures, and the other wants some walking / sporty morning activities… what to do eh?
No worries, I’ve said. I accepted the bright idea, it fitted my mood much better anyways…
Overdressed for the day? Maybe tomorrow!

To be comfortable, looking clean and good at the same time is the best thing for me. I consider myself having a minimal style with an edge. I like to add a subtle twist, something extra to a simple black and white outfit. Maybe an element to stand out or just some details on an item to bring some attitude to my outfit.

I surely have days when inspiration gets me, I want new outfit pictures, and put together some pieces which I normally wouldn’t for just a regular day out.

But even so, most of the time I end up simplifying and cutting back the excess.

And then… I feel better.

There is nothing wrong with making a sexy outfit a little more casual and comfortable and definitely, there’s nothing wrong to go for simple yet modern outfits.

Feeling good, looking good!

Until next time. Muah!


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