Some quality time with family…

I had 2 options for October 7th. It was my daughter’s birthday, she turned 3 years and like every year we had to do something. I’m a big fan of movies and going to the cinema. Last time I’ve been to the cinema it’s when I was pregnant… That’s so long ago ! I did a little research and I’ve read few reviews about toddlers and cinema and around the age of 3 should be ok and fun.
   The first option it was the cinema for the first time in her life. Me and her, a nice baby movie, popcorn , all yummy stuff.
   The second option it was going out of the city to my parent’s house, spending her birthday with my parents and my siblings, some family time. I know that she loves them a lot and she enjoys there every time we go and since we are leaving Romania in two weeks, I chose to spend the weekend there.
   We had balloons, cake, birthday party accessories and she was really happy which it’s the most important thing. Cinema can wait, right ?
After every time she blew her candle she wanted again, again and again with all the   ”madrigal choir” singing happy birthday… and we did it… 3-4 times 🙂img_3904
Of course, every baby should do this at least once, right?img_3905
The next day it was rainy and cold and with the fire in the stove burning, it was perfect. We relaxed cooking, eating  and watching all kind of movies together. img_3996
Oh and we did eat the fresh raspberries from the garden…img_3957
Fresh, sweet and juicy raspberries  🙂 


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