Sky Blue Jeans | OOTD

Sky Blue Jeans | OOTD

When it comes to my go-to outfits there are jeans included and when it comes to jeans, I really prefer a high waisted pair, with a relaxed fit…

In the last weeks, I’ve kinda struggled with this “issue” since I really wanted and needed a brand new pair of jeans in my wardrobe.

There are so many trends right now when it comes to jeans… and of course most of the high street shops have the same models but in better or worse quality and it might sound crazy but sometimes to find a good pair of jeans, that fits you perfectly can be a real pain in the… you know what, right?
I liked them all! First I wanted with destroyed hems, then with fringed hems, then deconstructed jeans and last I set my eyes on one pair of boyfriend style jeans from Zara, in a pretty blue shade with lots of metallic stars applied on them.
So when I went jeans shopping, I’ve ended up with 5 pairs or so in the changing room including, of course, the one with stars… What to do… I love stars!

Anyways… those really didn’t fit how I wanted (I really looked like a stick) and once I saw them on me, I’ve realised that were not what I was looking for.
Funny is that I ended up with these ones, which I was not so crazy about due to that furry yellow whatever it is (coin purse) – which it can be removed btw. 

Are exactly what I’ve wanted! Perfect shade of blue, destroyed hems, the attached zipper which is definitely something new amongst my jeans, not high waist yet not so low waist either, and the perfect straight relaxed fit. Yay!


What do you think of them? When it comes to jeans shopping, it is hard for you guys to find the perfect pair?

Until next time! Muah!

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