Skinny Coffee Club Babe

Skinny Coffee Club Babe


This product review includes products that are sent to me by a brand or company. Although the product is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own.

It was a month ago or so when I’ve been contacted by Skinny Coffee Club through a friendly email in which I’ve been asked if I am interested in a collaboration and to become one of their ambassadors. 
Of course, I was excited and I’ve asked for further information and while I’ve awaited the next email from them, I started to read a bit about the Skinny Coffee Club. On their official site, only good reviews and happy #skinnycoffeebabes with lots of before and after pictures in order to share their satisfying results with the newcomers. 
 Skinny Coffee is the first coffee detox and weight loss program, aimed at enabling you to transform both your body and mind, as well as cleansing your system. The intended benefits of it include decreased hunger, increase motivation and energy, better skin health, enhanced stamina, and anti-ageing. It is completely organic and vegan and most of the ingredients it contains, are known for boosting up your metabolism and make you burn more and faster.
• Organic Green Coffee beans • Chlorogenic Green Coffee bean extract (50% powder) • Siberian Ginseng  • Garcinia Cambogia • 100% pure Matcha powder  • Spirulina   • Wheatgrass  • Organic Brazilian Coffee. 

They’ve contacted me right on time, in the same period when I’m was planning a healthier lifestyle ahead, and I thought why not start directly with my morning essential cup of coffee! To be honest I didn’t care much about losing weight but the ”transform both your body and mind, as well as cleansing your system” were the words that made me wanna try it out. 
When I received my Skinny Coffee I didn’t get only the coffee… there are daily meals and exercise plans included in the pretty pack too and I’m pretty sure that in order to fully succeed while doing the 28-day program, the best way would be to combine the coffee with at least the daily meals plan if not both. 
I didn’t though… I just replaced my regular coffee with the Skinny Coffee but even so, I’m different than before. When it comes to weight … I might say that I’ve lost only a kg… a kg and half without exercise or the food plan but it definitely help me maintain my weight. I don’t feel bloated anymore after a meal even if I would eat much more than needed. Then… miraculously, it made me reduce the exaggerated amount of coffee which I was used to and yes, in the end, I’ve got what I wished for.. my skin is so much clearer, I’m in a daily better mood and my energy levels are higher.

There are more options to chose from such as the Original, Night Time Edition or Chocolate Mocha, results vary from person to person but at the end of the day it’s the results that matter and one thing is clear in my opinion – Skinny Coffee Club worth a try!
Well, that’s what I had right now to say about the program. I just started my second round and I really want to see what more improvements, benefits and changes it can get me and I’ll be back. 
Until next time! Muah!
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