Simply Me – Being comfortable and looking good at the same time

Yeah… that’s how I’ve started my day!

You know when you have in mind some outfits and there, in your imagination, the pieces go great all together combined?

And the whole outfit looks just perfect on you – yet back to reality, when you are dressing up, you realise that isn’t special as you thought. Or you simply don’t like it and it’s not worth the two hours “photo shoot” in it?

I knew I need and I really wanted to make some pictures for a new blog post.

I had in mind two different outfits.

And I still don’t understand why it was such a big difference between what I imagined and the final picture.
But to be honest, in the end, I didn’t even try a bit harder so

I’ll just go with “it wasn’t my day”.
As soon as my ears got fire and started to annoy myself that I might not make new pictures, I simply threw on me what came first in my sight and end of story.

Ok… so the outfit, it’s from a few days ago. When I was still hoping for cooler days, sweater weather and true fall clothes.

I really had in mind combat or ankle boots for it… but believe me, even if I’m pretty careless when it comes to people’s opinion especially on how I dress.

I simply couldn’t just jump in a pair of booties considering the fact that all the pictures were taken around the city centre streets, right next to the beach, where there were people STILL trying to get tanned or whatever…

Now the weather is on my side, yesterday it was pretty much raining all day and I’m sooo happy about it!
Cannot wait for the true fall season to settle on the island.
Back to my outfit, is a simple one that features basic elements which everyone should own – denim shorts & black blazer.

I love a crazy good, stunning, complicated outfit.

With more than four clothing items styled in, belts worn as chokers or who knows what crazy prints combined…

I love to see… But even if I would have the necessary fashionable pieces in my dresser, I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable so loaded.

Sure, I may have days when I’m more creative than ever and I do add something unexpected to my outfits but rarely.
I really don’t find having a clean, minimalist style (where btw, a personal touch is always welcome) an issue and as you probably understand already, this is how I simply feel best and 100% myself.
What about you?
Until next time! Muah ?
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  1. October 29, 2018 / 4:09 pm

    This is stunning

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