Season’s major must-have : Trench coat

Since I started taking pictures to my outfits, I noticed that during summer it’s practically unbearable to glam up, and strut the city streets, in such hot temperatures as on the island.

More than a super light strappy dress or a pair of short jeans and a top, it would really be way too much to endure here.

Then… During winter it’s kinda rainy. I LOVE rain! It’s food for my soul. Yet when it comes to taking pictures, the constant daily rain how it was this year, for example, it can become fast a pain in the ass.

This year was rough…

If wasn’t raining, it was mostly cloudy, dark and windy. And that kind of cold that made me constantly take on the biggest, longest, warmest jacket from the closet, plus an over-sized wool scarf wrapped on like the cherry on top.

Now, who would want to see that?

It was colder than ever. I don’t mind… I like cold weather. I’m a fall-winter soul that’s for sure. But then again… When it comes to blog duties such as outfit pictures, that kind of weather can become trouble to me – since I’m not the kind of person to shake and freeze at minus degrees for the love of an outfit. Even though.. I wish I was…

I love winter! Loving cold weather but not to feel cold. I have to be prepared and be dressed appropriately in order to enjoy my day…

Back to warmer days now. I think now I like Spring season more than ever. I guess it can easily become my second favourite season. Not hot to die, not cold at all.

The perfect season for our favourite pair of jeans, with just a long sleeved top. Maybe a jeans jacket or a blazer for the night time and that’s it!

But the trench! The trench coat is 100% made for spring and autumn. And oh, how I hated it back then when I was a kid, and both of my parents were wearing it and how I love it now.

Trenches have been trending around for a while now, but this season, it really is much of a major must-have than last spring for example.

There is a serious trench galore these days in shops, on the streets and of course on social media. I mean.. seriously Instagram is full of it. Whether classic or upgraded, in its traditional beige shade. Oversized in olive green or in the lovely chocolate brown shade. Or the printed ones, for some serious bolder looks.

It has been and it will always be a super practical piece so whatever you’ll choose if you didn’t do so already, just let me tell you – this is definitely a trend worth investing in.

It comes in different colours, lengths and it can be thrown on pretty much everything. Even with a tracksuit underneath it, you’ll get a look that’s fresh and trendy.

I just hope I’ll get some more time to wear it until the Cyprus hot weather strikes this year. It’s definitely my favourite piece at the moment.

Just a quick update: Forget about hoping! Pack the trenches in the back of the dresser somewhere, the summer is here! These pictures were taken back in February and the post, has been a draft since then. Have no idea why I didn’t published it until now…

Until next time. Muah!


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