Relax, Refresh, Recharge!

                        Geez, what a day!

                       This Saturday was sooo lazy, yet I did what had to be done, I spent the Saturday perfectly humanly and I did things that I like. Started the morning with lots of coffee and preparing my daughter’s breakfast and as soon we were ready, we flew away from the house for some groceries. A pretty cloudy day with the streets so empty, we spend some time, buying what we had to buy and back home. I had to cook… of course.


My first view… happy when skies are grey!

                      Without too much binge or many options for a ″walk to supermarket″ and go super fast back home outfit, I picked one pair of leather pants, a tee, light bomber jacket with floral prints, a furry vest and sneakers. Comfy much? I wish I had stayed home…

Best place for a photo…

or two… 

                           Back home, I cooked, I fed the baby and of course, I promptly planted myself on my sofa to watch my ″new″ old obsession Prison Break. I have already seen the series when it was first launched, but since season 5 is coming out soon, they began to broadcast from the beginning the whole series and I said ″ hell, YEAH, Mahone″.
                            Happy day with 7 episodes one by one. Even if I began to think about how to do and if possible, to go to jail, just like this, for a week to see how is in there and even to try a prison break :)) those seven episodes were not enough for me and,  from Tv I moved to laptop, with a bowl of popcorn to continue my series.  I am Tv-Series-Holic since I’ve known myself!!! Not healthy!!!
                       I spend too much time thinking, analysing, planning, wondering, worrying and it’s ok to take a break. Maybe sometimes all I need to recharge my batteries are days like this, on energy saving mode, pyjamas all day, comfortable, doing nothing or, in my case the basics like cooking for the small one. They say having at least one ”lazy day” per week can help reduce stress, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. For the sake of my health, I may make a habit of this. :)) 

See you soon guys, have a great Sunday! Muah! 💋




Zara | Trousers

P&B | T-shirt   

Zara | Bomber Jacket

H&M | Furry Vest

Adidas | Superstar Sneakers

OJO Sunglasses


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