Red Alert: The Bold Hue It's Officially The Colour Of Fall 2017

                           Hey, you guys? How’s everyone doing?
                           Even though I have no any idea how and where the time has flown so unbelievably fast, I have to say that I am beyond happy and excited that September has started.                          
                          Sooo happy!

                              It’s true, I still have to wait some time for that cool refreshing sweater weather and it’s also true that while scrolling my Insta feed, seeing some of my friends from Romania dressed already in long sleeved tops or leather jackets and drinking hot tea, makes me wanna go directly home or to bite my nails, considering that I still walk around house in my underwear, drinking iced coffees with AC open most of the time…
                             But this doesn’t mean that I cannot start slowly the fall wardrobe organization and to decide what to bring new in, right?

                            Do you remember when I said that many times happen to think that I would like to buy a certain style of jeans … or some clothes in a certain color, or that I would like to buy I don’t know what kind of shoes and after some time at least one of them it’s a big season trend? 

                            Well, lately, I like red… actually I’ve always liked red but in the past, I was not feeling so comfortable wearing it due to its eye catching effect so, lately, I wear red more and the surprise was when a few days ago I saw in most of the shops, the new collections proving that red is officially the colour of fall 2017. The red colour has always been iconic in fashion, is probably one of the most powerful and attractive colours and it clearly makes a statement, even if it is used only in a small amount. 

                            If you are not shy, you like to have stylish looks and you really don’t mind grabbing a bit of attention through your outfits, here are some good reasons why to choose red hue this fall and not only!
                         Red is a very strong colour and is often associated with “beware”.
                        Red captures attention and it is one of the most visible colours.
                       Red is the most powerful and attractive colour amongst all.
                       Is a colour of fire, it is associated with heat and warmth. 
                      It’s a positive colour that gives courage and strength.
                      Red is a colour of energy and determination.
                     Red is all about confidence boost and pride.
                    It is an intense colour, packed with emotion ranging from passionate, intense love to anger.
                  It is scientifically proven that wearing red colour makes you sexier.

Until next time! Muah!

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  1. September 7, 2017 / 8:28 am

    Red is indeed colour of fall 2017. Totally agree 👌

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