Not everything is likable #intrends

                   I talked new trends, clothes and colours that come in the same time with the new season, in my case sooner than I thought, but all these are wearable, decent, liked and accepted by most of the women these days. 
                 Yet, geometric patterns on clothes, for example, do not favour any silhouette and are a big thing for this season. The timeless trend for spring that continues to pop up season after season in all colours, shapes and sizes, offers an effortlessly chic fresh look, but can easily change the silhouette by an optical illusion and this can be unpleasant. The vertical lines tend to lengthen the body and the individual vertical lines are most effective in creating an illusion of thin figures. While more vertical lines or two vertical lines close together will make you thinner, two vertical lines far apart will make you look wider. Now, the horizontal lines, tend to expand and shorten figure by emphasising the width, especially when are more lines. So chances are to wear the wrong stripe variety and look entirely disproportionate or to know well your body and to wear the exact width or direction to flatter your figure. Good luck with that!
                 Enough with the stripes already, right? This time I want to talk about something else since it is impossible that all fashion trends to flatter, to be easy to wear or to be liked by everyone. Today it’s about what I saw and I didn’t like or I like but I will not wear…
 Here are few trends for Spring / Summer 2017 which are not so ″wow, I need that ASAP″!

  • The Crocs
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                             The footwear for Grey’s Anatomy or Master Chef comeback. With the obvious makeover of colours and stones applied, this item which I never considerate to wear outside of my garden is in for the season. Who am I kidding? I never had one pair, but my mum has. I find it perfect in miniature, for babies to wear at home and that’s it. Looking forward to seeing bearers. 🙂

  • Bra Out
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                            Just to show a bit or just in it, it’s definitely a thing for spring. I don’t say that I don’t like, but it’s not for everyone. Somehow looks sexy but it takes one step to transform the look into a vulgar one and why not, even ridiculous. I think they look good on women who were not very equipped by Mother Nature and have a small bust. And of course, it depends on what bra you choose and where you go. It’s good that I live 5 minutes from the beach … maybe I’ll try, with the child next to me and some buckets for sand. 🙂

  • Extra Lift Flatforms
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                                       Eccentric statement shoes indeed. I mean… I am a normal person, I like platforms and of course, I find them more comfortable than heels and are pretty helpful sometimes, but the platforms I like are far from these ones. I think are perfect for photo shootings, fashion runways or themed parties only.

″Just remember that ultimately, dressing is always about attitude, feeling comfortable and confidence.″


     You all have a great day! Muah!


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