Mystery Blogger Award #3

        Hello, you guys! 
       This is the third time I’m nominated for The Mystery Blogger Award by Tiffany and I want to thank her so much for this!
      Tiffany is the lovely blogger behind Tiffy’s Wild World blog, which is based on lifestyle, health, beauty and fitness routine posts and I invite you guys to cast a glance and hit follow and I’m sure you’ll not regret it!
      Thank you so much, Tiffany! 

    “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion. – Okoto Enigma
     Let’s thank Okoto Enigma for creating this amazing award, that gives the chance to get closer and know better the bloggers!

The Rules Are:
1. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
3. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
4. Answer the questions from the nominator
5. Nominate 10-20 people 
6. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
7. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice
8. Share a link to your best post(s)
3 Things About Myself:

  1. I named my daughter Keira after my favourite actress Keira Knightley, it’s an Irish name with a bit of unusual e-i combination and I really hate when someone says Kira or Kiera!
  2. I don’t speak unless spoken to… and I know pretty good to read people!
  3. I love mushrooms! I could eat every day, at any meal, especially grilled Oyster mushrooms! Yumm…

My Answers For Tiffany’s Questions:
1. What would your perfect date be?

  • Since I am a mother for almost 4 years already and we haven’t had a quiet moment in all this time just for the two of us, at this moment, I will say a nice dinner, at a fancy restaurant would be just perfect.

2. What is your favourite beauty hack?

  • The white eyeliner, which is a beauty secret with many uses. I’m using daily for the bigger eyes effect by adding it on the waterline, corner of eyes to brighten, to define brows and in the ”V” of the upper lip to look fuller.

 3. When was your favourite birthday?

  • 4 years ago… when I had my last true birthday party.

 4. When was the last time you went on holiday?

  • Last year while visiting Italy for a whole month. 

 5.  If you could go and live anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

  • U.S more exactly NYC or Queensland, Australia… I think both are great and magical places to live in and should lead to the realisation of my dreams. 🙂 

My Nominees Are: 

  1. BeaFree
  2. GirlandWorld
  3. StyleBreakdown
  4. A Small Wardrobe
  5. Life of a Luxaholic
  6. The Whimsical Pineapple
  7. StyleBlog’N
  8. The Lilac Press
  9. Autumn Whewell
  10. The Champagne Diaries
  11. The Beauty Post
  12. The 10th Street

Questions Directed To The Bloggers That I have Nominated:

  1. What are the top five things you cherish in your life?
  2. What risk would you take if you knew you could not fail?
  3. Whom do you admire most in the world?
  4. If you could do or be anyone in this world, who would it be and why?
  5. What’s your most treasured travel memory?

      I have no idea what post I should consider the best, for me all are, so I’ll go with a recent one like In And Out: Fashion Trends To Follow.

Until next time! Muah!?



  1. May 10, 2017 / 10:22 am

    Yay congratulations and thank you so much for the nomination !! Love that photo at the start of this post

    • May 10, 2017 / 1:35 pm

      Thank you and you’re very welcome! Happy to do it ❤

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