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          Hey, you guys, long time no see! I really hope you all are well and had an amazing weekend. 🙂
         Because when it comes to products, each of us has its own favourites, today I’ve decided to share with you guys some of my essentials. We all have that special bottle of cream, lipstick or mascara and when ends do not know how to get faster to buy a new one … right? 
        Normally I’m the person that when I find something which is good for me and gives me only benefits, I’ll stick with it for pretty long time. Maybe just from time to time… when I want something new or a change, I decide to replace a product or to give a try to a new one. 
       I chose some of the basic things that I always need to have in my house and probably you’ll ask ” how did she forget to add some face creams?”… That’s because I’m not using! Yeah, I hate this but my face doesn’t accept pretty much any cream and even when I remove my makeup, I have to do it by rinsing with warm water and baby soap. I’ve tried several creams for day or night but most of the times, it gives me more troubles than benefits. That’s OK, I can live without face cream.
      But not without body cream or butter. Yep, I’m a huge fan of all those amazing body creams with delicious scents. As for shower cream or gel, generally I chose the Palmolive line and most of the times I go for Vanilla Pleasure shower cream, Strawberry Smoother body butter or one of my favourites Ayurituel Energy gel which is infused with delicate Indian-inspired fragrances and smells divine. 
      Now back to the body cream… I generally stick to these ones…
              Fruttini have a wide cosmetic line of fruity and fragrant delicacies for the body and the brand belongs to Mann & Schröder which is a German company. They literally have all kinds of body butter, lotions and shower gels based on the all existent fruits. Now I have my daydream strawberry nurturing body lotion with a hint of strawberry scent for soft skin. It smells incredible and leaves the skin smooth and perfect to touch. 
                Now, the Minus 417, I think it’s pretty popular worldwide. They say is the most ancient beauty sources with Precious Dead Sea Minerals for the skin. I can easily say that once I apply the butter on my body, I can feel that something it’s working there and as a result, I get a silky smooth skin with a gentle scent that lasts. Is enriched with Shea Butter which nourishes and relaxes the skin, protects it from UV radiation and prevents from ageing. It contains almond oil, avocado oil, mango extract, vitamin mineral complex and a combination of nourishing minerals from the Dead Sea and all combined grant a feeling of moisture, nourishment and silk. I have Milk & Honey and Mango & Kiwi body butter and I’m definitely happy with.
          As for makeup, many times I feel good just with a foundation or a BB cream, mascara and lipstick. So for me, these are must always have. The first essential is the Gosh Primer Plus Hydration whom I have remained faithful lately. It’s the first step to create a porcelain-perfect skin and a beautiful, youthful complexion. It is moisturising, helps the makeup last longer which is what we all want, It has a matte finish and it does smooth over the pores. 
        The Gosh BB cream it’s again one that I’ve constantly use in the last year or so. Is an all-in-one product with moisturiser, primer, foundation and SPF 15, it’s giving a natural coverage with just a very little amount and thanks to the hydrating properties, it’s really a moisturising product. 
       The Diego Dalla Palma lifting effect fluid it’s the right concealer for me, that effectively minimises imperfections and makes my skin look great.  It is a little bit more expensive than other concealers I have used before but it’s worth.
           Since I barely have visible lashes the best mascara that I find for me, is from Loreal and I constantly change between the Miss Manga and Million Lashes. Both give me good results, separate my lashes nicely, give lift and curl something that every mascara existing is capable of doing, yet not for me. But of course, before applying mascara, I have to use the lash curler and the Bourjois Lash Machine Mascara Primer and with these all together, I manage to boost the length and thickness of my lashes. 
         The Lash Machine white fibres, attach themselves to increase fullness so, is a wonderful thing for my short, light brown and barely visible lashes. 🙂
              Something I can’t live without is the Deodorant Neutro Roberts powder fresh roll. It’s so cheap but It’s the only one for me. The 48h effective long-lasting deodorant term is true, is enriched with the precious elixir of Monoi and Argan from organic farming, for a soft and moisturised skin and have a special formula to ensure skin tolerability. Have a delicate fragrance of talcum powder that I absolutely love and gives that sensation of scented freshness that lasts. I think I tried all deodorants in the past and one thing is clear; they all give me protection and keep me dry, but I do not like their scents in combination with my skin. 
            Back to heavenly sweet scents, the Perlier Caribbean Vanilla is the hand cream which I’m using. It’s with avocado oil, moisturise, refresh and relaxes the skin and it gives that velvety feeling and touch. Plus it smells delicious. 🙂
           For me, the best creamy texture nourishing lip balm is Yves Rocher Macadamia. Contains macadamia nut oil, has a tender texture, protects dry lips and feeds them and it’s the best natural care for my lips.
          Last but not least my always must have is the Rouge G de Guerlain. You know when you have several red lipsticks but you prefer to stick to one in particular? Exactly! This creamy lip balm jewel it’s the one for me. And then it that question “OMG, did I just spend €60 on a tube of lipstick?” Yes, but is not any lipstick.  The lipstick has a special and elegant design and it contains a blend of natural active ingredients including wild mango butter, Tiger Grass and Guggul Resin, that successfully manage to plump up, smooth, bring moisture and softness to lips.

Thanks for being here and see you next time! Muah!💋



  1. February 22, 2017 / 3:55 pm

    COol selection. I would add to it coconut oil, cos I use it all the time now 🙂 It like the best thing that I could ever get for my face and body! <3

    • February 22, 2017 / 5:39 pm

      I’ve heard it before and I’m sure it’s amazing! Definitely I’ll add it on my list soon! ❤ thx so much!

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