My Go-To Outfits / Favourite Items For Fall / The Raincoat

My Go-To Outfits / Favourite Items For Fall / The Raincoat


                       It’s all about red these days and YES, I LOVE to wear a light raincoat in this bright hue… even though here, I still have to wait for some drops to come…

                       That was on my mind, a few days ago when I shoot this outfit pictures on a pretty bright and sunny day… but today was a real CHAOS in town.

                     An incredibly beautiful morning started with a huge rainbow above us and continued for about half a day with heavy rain. YAY! It seems that the people around here are not really true fall season fans and neither the island itself. 
                   After a bit of rain, already the streets of the city were flooded, traffic was immediately overwhelmed by drivers who did not know where to go because of the large puddles and perhaps the only one relaxed, with water up to the car’s bumper or even higher, it was me. In a really weird, relaxed way … just looking around, breathing lightly and enjoying it… :))
                  Is that even normal??

                      That being said, here is another favourite item, made for this season, which can be easily introduced into fall outfits, whether if it is raining or not.
                    THE RAINCOAT
                    Because it’s probably the best item to wear during the rainfall season.
                   I’m a normal person and even though I sustained many but oh, sooo many times throughout my posts that I love fall most of all, that rain calms me down, that fall weather it’s my favourite one and blah blah blah…. I don’t like to freeze or to end up my day soaking wet. Yes, I like cold weather but I like to be dressed well and to feel good about it and yes, I absolutely LOVE rainy days and enjoy seeing water all around the streets but I like to be protected and while walking in rain to don’t get wet.

                      To be honest, until this year I wasn’t a big fan but that’s just because I didn’t have one and I didn’t care to buy either. Well now, thanks to my mother, it’s the only rain jacket I have, and I’m absolutely happy with it. I find it sooo useful and definitely a fall must-have. It is light, perfect to wear it with a tee underneath or with something more thicker if needed and considering that here, the true and heavy jackets will be maybe needed in December or January, until then besides the leather jackets, this one is just perfect.
                    That’s it for today peeps! 

Until next time, muah!

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