My Go-To Outfits / Favourite Items For Fall / The Jacket

My Go-To Outfits / Favourite Items For Fall / The Jacket

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                  Hello all of you, how are things going? 


                       Probably you know already that I consider myself a pluviophile, call me crazy if you want but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one around who’s in love with the fall season, with all its colourful package and especially with those relaxing and heartwarming rainy days or even better, peaceful rainy nights!
                      A few days ago when I talked with my mother, I realised that while she blamed for her lazy mood the chill and heavy rainy weather from Bucharest, I was seriously complaining about the bright and sunny with 25 degrees day in Cyprus.
                     I finally decided to stop complaining about the weather here, because nothing will change it and to take the fall season in Cyprus as it is … warm, dry and from time to time with a short rain followed by the always present sun.

                      And I got what I wanted! A next day, cold and rainy, just perfect for a head to toe black outfit, finished with the popular jacket for a true fall season. So here I am, listening Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again track, writing and being happy that I caught a rainy day in Cy, to shoot this #ootd pictures…
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                THE LEATHER JACKET
                Because what would be fall without a leather jacket, the clothing piece of resistance in the second half of the year, which should be present in any wardrobe?
               Not surprisingly, in recent years, and especially during cold seasons, leather clothes are present, appreciated, and worn to the fullest. Especially the leather jacket, which is a serious must-have item, every year it is present, and whether if it is the classic piece, an upgraded or a reinvented one, is surely a key addition to every wardrobe that deserves to be bought. Is the jacket that has the power to add style and attitude and to be a statement in our outfits – even in the most simple ones!


Outfit Details

Leggings Calzedonia

Sweater Lynne

Jacket Stradivarius

Boots Topshop

Bag Zara

Sunnies OJO

            This is it for today, you guys!

Until next time, muah!

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