Let's Talk Met Gala 2017


                 Attention Please! The following content is based strictly on my sensitive eyesight and its effects on ” way too much” and “less is more”.

                 Please do not boo when you get to Rihanna, Madonna, Katy Perry or to Bella Hadid, which makes me think to The Penguin from Batman Returns because of her chosen outfit!
                This is highly subjective! 🙂


                      Hello to everyone and I hope that you all are great! 
                     Normally, I did not plan to do this post, on the best and worst dressed celebs at the 2017 Met Gala, but, considering that I kept scrolling my Facebook news feed and in the last several hours it just exploded continuously with look-alike circus outfits, I have decided to give this shot.
                    Yes, at the risk of being booed, I will!
                   With celebrities in the forefront, being more courageous in fashion than at any other event, we all know that Met Gala always brings out the creative and wild side, with its great yearly themes and that this year its theme it was Rei Kawakubo/Comme de Garçon: Art of the In-Between… theme that leaded the famous celebrities to bring some odd and striking elements together, resulting in some serious looks on the carpet.
          Even if some celebs have chosen to make their own huge statement on the carpet or have worn pieces to honour the theme itself, definitely not all of them ended up being likeable… at least not by me.
                Because what led me to this post are the dresses that were not the most appropriate choice or that are not exactly right or pleasing to the eye, from my point of view, of course, I want to start with them.
               Based on heavy dresses, many attachments or ”too much to carry” jewellery, bizarre headpieces, dresses in weird shapes,” why don’t go naked instead?” kind of dresses and the list could easily continue…. here are the not so pleasant looks…
             And now probably comes the boo side … since some super famous singer ladies, probably loved by all the planet, are really leading my worst dressed list… 

                            It feels like an uninterrupted list … but I want to stop now and to move to the outfits which proved that less is more, looked incredibly good and have turned heads in a good way.
                          Based on lovely dresses, white and black looks, silvery feminine suits, simple but so polished looks, stunning embellished gowns or classic A-line gowns with floral prints, here are some of the best ones.
                    I don’t know about you guys and your thoughts on the celebrities and their looks during the event, but, I am super curious on what you guys think and I really invite you in the comment section to let me know any of your opinions. 
Until next time! Muah!


  1. May 4, 2017 / 7:54 am

    When I saw the fashion at this year’s event I have to say I was shocked – some people who have always looked flawless at events, I thought looked garish. One person I was surprised at was Kim K – I’m not a fan of hers but she kept her outfit classy and simple. What happened to just a simple LBD?! x

    • May 4, 2017 / 7:57 am

      I know, right? I didn’t put Kim K on my list since she’s not among the celebs I like or follow… but my thoughts on her outfit are the same! Simple, classy and clean!

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