Let's talk about fit and a flattering statement piece, shall we ?


     I told you that these courses made me want something more and they gave me a boost of creativity. I feel like I got bored of jeans and trousers for street style or daily outfits and I really want to change something in my style. I’ve always liked the fishnet and patterned tights in different colors and to be honest only these kinds I had worn before and only a few times.
    I do not know about you but I never liked to wear tights under trousers, I feel too wrapped, feel like I am suffocating and too uncomfortable but when it comes to tights and skirts, now I can say I have a different view than I used to have before.
   Oh yes, fashion, trends…. and another thing is that tights are one of the new Winter must-haves ! The F/W 2016 collections brought back the true statement piece on runways when Balmain showed velvet-effect with super opaque style and Gucci highlighted with thick colored tights, reminding me of childhood days and Blair Waldorf’s preppy and unforgettable style.
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      Tights are not only meant to keep legs warm and cozy during the cold season, but also to flatter the whole outfit and showing the delicate sense of your style. There are a lot of styling possibilities considering that tights can be worn basically under anything starting with a dress, skirt or even a pair of shorts. There are various types of tights and here are some that you might need in your winter wardrobe…
     When in doubt go for opaque tights in black, they match with everything and looks good on everyone. If you’re in the mood for an all black outfit you can stick them under a mini leather skirt, a fine oversized black sweater & black pointed ankle boots, heeled or not is up to you. Yet if you decided to add a statement accessory to your outfit through opaque tights, you can choose them in any color you’d like or the glitter ones. I like the burgundy, mustard yellow, red or olive green ones. 
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      It’s inexpensive and all women should have a range of stylish lace patterned tights. Are fun and flirty, they add something extra and spices up easily an outfit. Be a little bit careful wearing them since sometimes mixing patterned tights with an outfit containing patterns already can be too much and  not a very pleasant view. Another thing that I never liked is the effect given by lace tights under ripped jeans and I personally would never wear.
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     The warmest and, coziest from them all are definitely the sweater tights. Simple or patterned, comfortable and super soft to the touch, they match perfectly whatever style you opt for. It is not necessary to wear them with sweater dress so you can choose to mix and to play a bit with textures like tweed, wool or cashmere. Use a pair of sweater tights in burgundy to add color to a neutral outfit. 
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     Fishnets or Micronets (the finer mesh with smaller holes than a fishnet) never go out of style so they’re always a fun way to feel sexy and classy. They are super flattering and  you can let them be your focal point by keeping the strong look and showing them under your miniskirts. Some tips would be to wear appropriate colored fishnets and to stick with black, brown, or nude for day wear. A rumor is that two pairs together will give you the best legs you can get !
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I’m a big fan of stockings and thigh high socks, I find them really attractive to wear them at home or out and if earlier I said that I can’t wear any tights under jeans or pants, layering under pants with thigh-high socks it’s a way more comfortable alternative which gives me chance to breathe as well. That’s all for now, I leave you with some pictures of these socks that transformed my eyes in heart shapes ! Muah !
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