It's the season to be jolly, Fa la la la etc…

Hey, everyone ! 🙂
    Oh, God, I can not believe it’s already December, and this year is almost over! Happy, though! I absolutely love this time of year and December is my month. I think I’ve said it before, but that’s fine and when I was little was finer than now since on the 6th party / gifts, 9th birthday party / gifts,  25th / Christmas, party, Santa and of course, 31st – THE party! Oh, wonderful month! Right? Even if I’m not with my family and I did not spend Christmas holidays with them for so long, I’m not a person who is depressed or sad about it. These times make me be more positive, good or a better person and definitely melodious. I mean ″Fa la la″ is simply flowing smoothly without thinking !
     Oh, me so merry is something big and why not expand the feeling as much as possible. So every year, this time I have the same problem ! The Christmas tree and when I should make it ! Being so excited for the warm atmosphere in my house from where all my “fa la la” feelings begin, I don’t find the point to make the tree on 23 or 24 of December, as it was when I was small. Ok, let’s say the tree it’s fine to do it later but to decorate a bit ? When do you guys start to decorate around ? I’m curious !
     Perhaps I’m crazy and impatient, but I started from today ! Let’s say it’s for my daughter, and sure no for me and my good mood.
    Blah blah too much ? Here’s what I like to have around during this month !

  • Candles 

    When it comes to Christmas, many feel that the candles are symbolic of the Light from the heaven yet they signify love, passion, hope and they totally calm me with their warmth and light. I’m a huge fan and I like to have them around at any time but especially Christmas.

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  • Pine cones

      I love them from forever ! They are perfect to combine with candles giving a cute touch to the decor. Pine cones are traditional for Christmas, you can easily find and even create some surprisingly beautiful ornaments. 

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  • Stars all around 

Again something that I like since I was little and the only thing I know how to draw. I love stars, I always like to have star-shaped ornaments in the house and as for Christmas I really like to put in my tree several wood stars. I like wooden tree ornaments a lot.

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  • Cookies

I LOVE BISCUITS ! Yuuum ! I mean who doesn’t like sugar cookies or gingerbread ? There are so many kinds of  decorated Christmas cookies and clearly, all bring a smile on my face. I bought various cookie shapers and this year I’ll definitely enjoy baking  those shaped tree or reindeer biscuits. Simple and delightful ! This should be fun !

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  • Christmas Stockings (the bigger, the better)

This is new  ! Frankly, I always liked, but I never had these socks in decor. The image in my head is, of course, as in all Christmas movies,  hanging stockings by the fireplace filled with sweets and toys. No fireplace here, but I think this year I will use this cute and traditional ornament. My daughter already has the perfect age to understand how it works with the special night when Santa comes to town and I think it will be fun for her to hang the sock and find in it what she wished.

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  • Gifts 

Of course, there must be something pleasant under the Christmas tree! Every time I use several gift box ornaments that remain there throughout the holidays and slowly slowly, I like to add the real gifts too, in pretty boxes (not to keep them hidden in the closet) and like this, everything looks absolutely wonderful.

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Next is, the Christmas tree of course because you can’t have Christmas without one !
 When I was a kid every year our Christmas tree was natural, and I remember that I love to go with my parents to choose the tree. There were sooo many ! In the last years, we had a pretty nice artificial tree that does not bother me in particular and to be honest I didn’t see here any trees fairs during Christmas. Until today ! Big surprise when I found a place where there were a quite a few trees. So since last year we donated our tree with all the ornaments and the lights and considering that I found this place with natural trees this year we’ll go natural, leading to another thing that I like around the holidays, the Christmas tree smell !

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Look what I found…



  1. December 7, 2016 / 4:16 pm

    Your blog is super cute!! And I love this Christmas post. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

    • December 7, 2016 / 5:20 pm

      Thanks so much! Happy you like It 🙂🙂

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