Guide: The Perfect One Piece

                        Oh, women, their bodies and the needs of their bodies…

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                        In some countries, cities, places, summer has already made its presence felt and at least here in Cy, from now on starts the true heat.
                       I do not even want to think what awaits me!

                        Just a few days ago I saw on Facebook a funny clip called “actual footage of me outside in the warm weather” in which a skeleton crawls on the sidewalk, in the heat. Ok, it does not sound so funny now, but I do feel its pain and I admit, it managed to put at least a noisy smile on my face. 
                        I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like summer season, beach life, iced cold drinks, wearing shorts and dresses, the sea breeze, to get tanned and whatever else it’s included… but believe me, the summer here in Cyprus is too hot, humid and long. 
                       Ok now back to the subject! I think you’ve already figured out what it’s all about in today’s post, right?
                      The perfect one-piece bathing suits, which are in trend in every single summer, fit nicely with each type of silhouette, having the advantage of hiding certain parts that we might prefer to cover. Since some of the best moments during summer, are those spent on the beach or by the pool and have to be relaxing and fun, the swimsuit should be comfortable and fit perfectly, to highlight shapes, no matter the size of the bust, waist or the type of body. When it comes to swimsuits, there is a wide variety of bikinis in plenty colours, shapes, with attachments, prints or different designs, but today, I am going to focus on those in one piece only, because let’s be serious now, comfort is the most important fact, when we are almost naked. 
                      One-pieces are seriously flattering, they are classic yet modern, can look really sophisticated, and they do have big advantages in front of bikinis. Take for example the annoying need to adjust those slippery bikini straps or for holding your swimsuit bottoms from falling off each time when you go out of the water.
                     Or that the one piece swimsuits come as a statement, an eye-catching piece since most of the other ladies go for the bikinis. 
                    You will never be more comfortable, really now, why do you think the lifeguard babes are going for it? One thing is clear, have not been done to cover up the body but to empowering it, flattering it, and ensuring that we’re able to do what we want, whenever we want. 
                    Especially for me running on the beach, at full speed after my daughter, without having to keep my bikini bottoms!
                    So just in case, you’re looking for that perfect one piece, here are some options for you…
 The Classic

Solid and Striped The Anne-Marie striped swimsuit
Mara Hoffman Classic One Piece Meridian
Solid & Striped Red Jennifer Ring Panel Swimsuit

The Boho

Topshop Crochet Swimsuit
Oasis Tribal Plunge Swimsuit
Boho Twist Strap Swimsuit

The Sporty

Title Nine  Shield One Piece Swimsuit - Multi Print
Lisa Marie Fernandez Lisa Marie bonded halterneck swimsuit
Flagpole Warren cutout color-block halterneck swimsuit

The Trendy

Marysia Swim Palm Springs Tie Maillot
Mara Hoffman Leaf-print twist-front swimsuit
Adriana Degreas ruffled swimsuit

The Glam

Zimmermann Gossamer printed swimsuit
Fleur Du Mal strapless v-neck one piece
Lisa Marie Fernandez Arden ruffled one-shoulder bonded swimsuit
Fuller Bust Swimsuit by Wolf & Whistle
Now let’s rock the beach!
Until next time! Muah!
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