Get to know me better!

Good morning and thank you all!

   Since today I had the pleasure and the surprise to see that the number of followers increased significantly, I thought to write a short post and to turn a bit the things on me, myself and I.
    If you are one of my followers, you know already a few things about me but I’m going to make a fast review, maybe we have around some new friends.
   I bear the Archer sign, I’m the mother of a three old baby girl and I’m proud of it, I’m Romanian but living in Cyprus at the moment, I simply adore fall and winter seasons, I recently graduate as a fashion stylist and consultant and I’m not the person who smiles often, my face is just not made for that. 

  1. My nicknames: Mom, Mommy, Mom, Mom, Mamma, Baby Mou, Ale. 
  2. The first thing I do when I wake up is: Pick up my iPhone, snuggle a bit with my daughter if she’s awake and preparing her breakfast after, if not just going and drink my coffee while checking my emails, WP, and the social network.
  3.  I can’t live without: Family, Internet, Technology, Coffee and Travelling.
  4.  If I have to choose between Instagram and Facebook: Definitely Instagram.
  5.  My top three tv series: Grey’s anatomy, Suits, The Originals.
  6.  If I had one week to escape: I’d go to Paris.
  7.  My bad habit: Coca-Cola.
  8.  I have only one favorite singer which is: Michael Jackson.
  9.  Favorite foods: Sushi, Pepperoni pizza( with white sauce instead of tomato) and Chinese.
  10.  Everything tastes better with a little: Chili, I love spicy food.
  11.  If I have to choose between sea and mountain: I’d choose at any season the mountain.
  12.  I know since I was 8 years: To ski. 
  13.  My favorite animal:  Kangaroo.
  14.  I believe if you make a wish when you see a shooting star, will fulfill (my experience: I saw, I wished, it’s done)
  15.  I wish to see: Northern lights.
  16.  One place I wish to visit: Neverland valley ranch.

 Have a great Sunday, everyone! Muah!💋


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