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                        Hey you guys, I hope you all are great! 🙂
                        One fact about me is that I am a #tvseriesholic. At the moment, I’m into Greys Anatomy, How to get away with murder, Suits, Prison Break and The Originals, I saw all seasons and episodes and I’m still watching. Once I find an interesting new series, that catch me, I may lose my whole day watching one episode after another and is still not enough. Sure I’m not the only one! I’ve been always a movie person, I love going cinema and I really find staying at home and watching all kind of movies, for one day, from time to time, relaxing and nice.
                          Now going back to #tvseriesholic…
                          Let me tell you something about the first tv show I was crazy about. It was in my adolescence days and I was so #obssesed, that I saw the series, after few years I started it again and in the end, I made myself for all seasons DVD’s and while I was pregnant I started it once again … I didn’t found it so amazing as the first time and didn’t seem so suitable for me anymore so I stopped. 
                           I’m sure, I’m not the only one who lived anxiously awaiting each new episode and many teenage girls, at the time found themselves somehow, one way or another in that show. It was everything so real… the high school time, all the drama, betrayal, backstabbing, scheming, popularity, complicated and vicious circles, bullying, conflicts, lies, love, friendship, etc… It felt real because, in that moment when I first watched it, the same things were happening in real life. The schools were full of people who thought they were very popular or they’re become popular by mocking other children, making fun of them… and yes, the fake friendships and scheming were in trend back then. I have no idea what it’s like now… whether it is better or worse…
                        Do you recall? Right, Gossip Girl! 

Blair Waldorf Gossip Girl Fashion Quotes

                       Inappropriate to some but accepted and liked by others, based on the lives of Manhattan school teens, it is one of the most well know tv series, with the most twisted characters played by lovely and beautiful actors. And then are the glamorous parties, the fashion and those stylish outfits. I’m sure many people have been pinched and became more interested in fashion because of those unique outfits from the show. I would say, the people who were teens at that time… like me! 🙂 
                       Focusing on that, today I want to talk about the two ladies of the show, their style and to review some of them outfits.
                       “Queen B” of the Manhattan Blair Waldorf, portrayed by the lovely Leighton Meester, shined with her amazing fashion sense and her signature style. Adopting a classic, preppy and polished style, with her mother around being a fashion designer, she always looked flawless. Blair was all about matching outfits, skirts and dresses, worn with tights or bare legs, depending on the seasons. Girly at heart, she loves outfits with a feminine touch, keeps her look fresh with colours, looks chic by wearing lots of collared shirts and quite often she adds to her outfits brightly coloured headbands and tights.

Here are a few pointers from her fashion style…



What Would Blair Waldorf Do? 37 Style Tips From Queen B





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                  Serena van der Woodsen the main character, portrayed by Blake Lively which become a fashion inspiration and a style icon, through her role in the series and not only. The extremely popular IT-girl loved by guys and envied by girls, wowed us with her effortlessly fabulous and glam looks and with her style, that is pretty much, boho chic and girly with a rocker edge. Playing with textures especially silky and soft, which makes her look delicate and feminine, mixing fashion trends with vintage pieces, opting for luxurious jewellery and mixing accessories and colours, are all a must when it comes to her style.
                        Here are a few pointers from her fashion style…



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24 Times We Wanted To Raid Serena Van Der Woodsen's Closet


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17 Times

Well, I definitely like both… what about you?


Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf Gossip Girl

I hope you liked it! See you next time! XOXO


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