Faux Fur / Teddy Bear Coat

Faux Fur / Teddy Bear Coat

If you would’ve asked me, back in the beginning of September “what new-in fashion item I am so excited to wear for the next months” then I would’ve answered “the teddy bear coat”.

That would’ve been back then…

It’s not a secret that the most famous trend this year when it comes to outerwear, it’s everything furry. Such as the teddy bear coats, faux shearling or teddy shearling.

Is probably one of the most practical fashion items this time of the year.

That perfect cold weather staple, that helps you stay warm and stylish at the same time.

Now we are in December, actually the end of it already.

Which means that half of the winter passed, and my love for this kinda coats vanished as well.

I really thought that a furry coat would be what I would constantly wear through all this chilly season.

I thought layers!

Bought mine in September. When the Instagram was on fire already, featuring the pretty pictures of all the fashionistas, wrapped in the famous coat.

Bought it after a kind of a hunt if you wish…

First, stop Zara. Liked two of their new winter collection coats, tried both of them but eh…

One was to short even if I would’ve taken a much bigger size than I’m normally wearing – the other I even don’t remember.

Then I saw Max Mara Uberta camel – the icon teddy coat, which it’s such a dream.

Keep dreaming…

After, my eyes became heart-shaped once I saw online, the Mango teddy bear coat – pretty similar to the one above – in the same amazing chocolate brown shade, which I absolutely love.

It was the perfect length, perfect colour, perfect fit, kind of exactly what I wanted but… not yet available here, on the island.

Then I’ve looked at all the online shops that came in my mind. I liked a few, decided for one or two, but the reviews and the customer finale pictures with the items, made me forget about those, and look for some more.

Such a big fuzz!

In the end, I’ve ordered a few things from H&M alongside with a teddy coat which looked good.

Just to wait for seven days or so, and be informed that the coat it’s not available in the ordered size.

Actually, it was out of stock completely.


“Get in the car, drive to Nicosia to have a look in H&M for the coat!”- like the world would’ve collided if I wouldn’t get one fast.

Got the exact one I’ve ordered (not available online) just to be in my dresser since early September till a few days ago.

In a point that I was already full of it, seeing it on every gal’s Instagram.

The last two weeks here were colder than ever. Not enough cold for that coat though…

I threw the jacket over a light turtleneck top and in the end, after taking some pictures, I end up without it on me, a thing that made me be even less crazy about the warm and cuddly item.

A good thing is that it truly works with pretty much everything from day to night. Whether casual jeans or skirts kinda outfits or with something fancier.

And sure, it can be worn with just a tee or top underneath in order to get so hot.

So even if I’m mad for not being able to properly wear it, or bored of seeing it everywhere on social media, in the end I know it’s a good item to have.

Blame it on the cold weather from elsewhere and the coat’s power of making stylish and cosy great together.

Thank God I didn’t buy that red Zara oversized super puffer…

What would’ve done with that?

Until next time! Muah ?


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