Emotionally Spoken / Going On The Good Road / Fall In Bucharest

Emotionally Spoken / Going On The Good Road / Fall In Bucharest

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                        Oh, you guys, I’ve missed this place so so much but one thing is clear now, I’m back with full power and I really don’t plan to take any more breaks anytime soon. It was quite a surprise to me, seeing that even though I didn’t write lately anything, I had daily visitors on the blog, new followers and posts appreciations.
                       So, THANK YOU ALL for that !!!

                      Now, if you’ve read my last blog post – What’s in my luggage – then you know that I really had to take this break due to a serious family situation, which came totally unexpected and required my presence for some time in my country.
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                    And today’s post is just a little comeback, filled with my thoughts, written once arrived in Romania… 

                 Ahh… you guys!
                 I’ll start today’s post saying how hard and tiring is a flight at 4 in the morning. I thought it would be better, more relaxed and quiet but I was wrong and I’ll never book a flight at this kind of hours…
                Thankfully the baby sleept from the moment the plane took off until the landing and of course she would’ve slept even more, while I was moving non-stop, not finding a comfortable position and having a really annoying discomfort due to the light. 
               So, anyways, we safely arrived at 6am in Bucharest, Romania, now it’s the second night here and I’m still trying to recover the sleep hours I’ve lost due to the flight.
              Sometimes it is really pleasant to sleep with the kiddo and just like a baby during lunchtime, and going to sleep around 11 pm for a few nights, should help me recover a bit and hopefully to fix the annoying eye dark circles… who knows, maybe I’ll get used and I’ll make even a schedule to continue sleeping at such normal hours.
       Here it is exactly how I wanted
             Ok, some rain would be welcome but meanwhile the crisp air, the alleys with dried leaf carpets, the leaves falling down all around, all the wonderfully coloured trees and all the colours of this amazing and peaceful season are not missing.
            Oh…. let’s don’t forget the perfect temperature for a cosy sweater with a jacket on top! The must be weather for the beginning of fall, which I would not have had in Cyprus now!
           These weeks in Romania I will take as many pictures of the city as I can… the places I grew up, the places I loved and all the beautiful fall pictures that will enjoy my eyes.
           I really wish you guys if you didn’t visit already, to see Bucharest through my eyes!

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               Well… one thing is sure, my heart has broken into pieces when I left my country again and I let my grandmother alone… I wished I stayed more but I am really happy I helped her with absolutely she needed and I’ve been there for her, in the worst time of her life. 
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                       The best thing is that I managed to stay in the normal sleep schedule, which continues to give me only benefits. Being in a relaxed state of mind, less nervous and feeling more physical and emotional lighter, it was something that was missing in the last few years from my life and I can see that now, the sleeping hours and the most important going to bed before midnight, is something that has a really serious role in my mood swings and to my daily welfare. 
                      I was physically and mentally tired but due to this trip, I recovered. I’ve learned what’s best for me, what helps me be a better human, how to be happier and spending time with my family made me see and understand once again that I’m constantly growing and changing in a better niece, daughter, sister, stepdaughter, friend, person and MOTHER. 

Until next time! Muah!

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    Very nice pictures 👍😊

    • November 21, 2017 / 8:59 am

      Thank you so much ☺️☺️

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