City Walker | OOTD

City Walker | OOTD

I’m a keeper! I am that kind of person who keeps everything well, in great condition when it comes to clothes and especially to shoes. 

Perhaps that’s because most of the pairs of shoes my closet, end up somewhat rarely worn, but even those which are being worn multiple times weekly, or that pair which became the “obsession” pair we all have it from time to time –  I must proudly say that I manage somehow, to keep them in impeccable condition for a good time.

Well now, of course, that depends on what shoes we are talking about!
Take for example the Adidas Superstars. The really worthy shoes!
When the classic three stripes came back on the must-have shoe list 4 years ago, I purchased 2 pairs one in black and one in white, just to be sure I don’t lose them. Well I’ve been obsessed with superstars since I was little and I will always be.
The black ones are still in my wardrobe, in a perfect condition and let me tell you that last 2 years were highly worn. The white ones though, after so long, turned in an inesthetic dirty old white colour, giving me a no chance to wear them again. I thought it is a quite nice idea to paint them in red which eventually turned in a disaster so, so long white superstars, you’ll be missed.
Then another pair of shoes I loved and I have to admit that I’ve been surprised they survived pretty good for two summers – the H&M espadrilles with laces. Are still around but probably they’ll turn in strictly beach shoes for this season.
And this sends me exactly to my point of today’s post.

First thing I had to bring new in my wardrobe for this season it was the espadrille shoes and yes, I thought to a same style like the old ones – open toes, back zipper and why not tie-up around the ankle… The first place I checked into was H&M obviously and if there were my old espadrilles available in the shop, I’m sure I would have bought them since I was so happy with them.
But neah… not lucky and I didn’t find nothing similar at least.
No biggie! I start to walk the city centre in order to find espadrilles, a task which these days it shouldn’t be a difficult one considering that absolutely every shop has at least one pair of espadrilles due to their AGAIN big trendy moment this summer.
But yes… it became difficult to me when I’ve realised that every shop has the same style of espadrilles and of course I wanted something a bit different…
After some searches through stores, just when I was about to take a break for the rest of the day, I saw Parfois, a shop I love, from where I’m used buying accessories, generally glasses, wallets, jewellery… not shoes. 
I had the surprise to find in the new summer collection the espadrilles I were looking for … ok not the open toe sandal and blah blah, but definitely much more different than the classic ones, that were all over the other shops. I got heart shaped eyes instantly… maybe they are even more than I was looking for… 
 I mean, the denim espadrilles with blue velvet laces, so incredibly comfortable and at a super affordable price. The first outfit I wore with the Parfois denim espadrilles is what you’ll see below. 
I had chosen to layer a black button-up skirt over a denim dress, wrapped around my waist a fanny pack, sunglasses on and bang ready to walk the city for some pictures!

Until next time! Muah!
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  1. June 5, 2018 / 11:55 am

    This outfit is cool and the type I would wear everyday.

    • June 6, 2018 / 10:59 am

      Thank youu ❤️ glad you like it.

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