Black & White, It's Always A Good Idea

                               You remember when I said a few days ago in my ″Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials For Summer″ post, that we are not so stable right now and that every single time when we move, I have to carry lots and lots of clothes and shoes, which started to be really tiring?


                             Yeah, yesterday I’ve found out that I’ll have the pleasure to do it again, and this time might be the last. What I hate about moving is probably the fact that we really have too many things to carry after us which then need to be unpacked, rearranged and blah blah blah. 
                             What I like about moving, is the idea of a new house, a better one, a bigger one, with a bigger wardrobe and the idea of a new unknown country, town and new places to discover. Well, the deal with the unknown country and town doesn’t apply to us this time. 

                             After last year, which was spent mostly in Italy and in my country Romania, when we returned to Cyprus, we settled in Larnaca, a new city for us, that we knew nothing about and we did not know anyone in it.
                            And although I like this city very much because of its organization, architecture and beaches, I often found myself saying, ″At least, if we live in Cyprus, we should live in the same city where we have been for 7 years, where we have friends, where we know a lot of people and where we know absolutely everything″. 
                           Eventually, my words were heard! I am so excited to say that anytime soon we are going back to Limassol. Sooo happy! 
                         If you are a constant visitor to my blog, you probably have realised and already know, that I like to take pictures with coloured and old houses in the background, something that Larnaca city does not lack.

                           Yep, I can say that even though I never visited Greece, from what I know, Larnaca city it’s a bit similar to Santorini or Mykonos, due to its old stone-built houses, with their main colours being blue and white and surrounded by breathtaking bougainvillaea vine trees and their spectacular coloured flowers. 

                           In the last time I’ve been hunting this kind of places for my pictures and yesterday I found a pretty amazing place, that gives that exact bright background I’ve wanted in my pictures for some time now…

Outfit Details

Zara Linen Shirt

Zara Leather Crop Top

Pull & Bear Denim Shorts

Yamamay Shoes

Claire’s Backpack

Ojo Sunglasses

Vintage Pearl Bracelet

                             Dressed in a black and white casual outfit, with just a hint of beige on my small backpack and shoes, I was absolutely excited about this place and I made a lot of pictures, that definitely deserved to be featured in my new post. I would say that this set of pictures is one of my best so far. 
                            What do you guys think? 

Until next time! Muah!

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      Thank you, Elena! I’m happy as always to have you here♥️

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