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        Most of the people I meet so far don’t care much or believe in astrological signs. Since when I was little my mother and my grandmother read my daily horoscope section and perhaps this contributes to my belief in this and as I grow up I start reading my horoscope and theirs. I’m not saying that I believe the daily horoscope because let’s face it, it’s different in each magazine, website or newspaper and when it’s written something like “this year will meet the love of your life” since you are not single sounds like a joke.
         I believe, though, everything is written about my sign, that all its characteristics are true and in fact, I even find myself in most of its features. I think people born under the same sign have similar personality and traits and the characteristics of each zodiac sign are unique and pretty special.
        Well, since today is my birthday, and December is all about Sagittarians, I’ve decided to celebrate and write a bit about us. We are hard to understand sometimes and maybe you’ll find the reason why right here.
        So if you were born between November 23 and December 21, you are the ninth astrological sign and a very special ARCHER or centaur if you like but I prefer the first.  You are the Sun sign in astrology and a fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Yeah, there is a lot of hotness in there and when it comes to love games, the Archer is playful and always on top.
       Great adventurers of the zodiac, reaching for knowledge, understanding, and answers the archers are always open and in full bloom to life and experiences. They are able to be incredibly violent and brave yet wise and mild and you’ll never find someone under Sagittarius sign to be spiteful or wicked. They have nothing to hide and say what they feel and when they feel it.
       Open-mindedness is one of them top traits followed by their optimistic and generous spirit. They attract others easily since they have the perfect amount of fun and they know how to enjoy good times. 

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″Boredom is a high-tension element here. It’s strictly a ‘No’ to boredom or monotony in order to keep a Sagittarius mood intact!″

        With the vibrant personality that is free like a bird, Sagittarians get bored easily, they don’t like being tied down and this part of their personality doesn’t go away in relationships. Dignity, sociability, and meditation are what they embrace and their words truly inspire others. They’re the peeps you want in your squad because they can be excellent friends, thanks to their encouraging and positive nature.
        To make one person under the Sagittarius sign to be fully and openly devoted may be difficult since they are not wearing their hearts on demand. Compatibility it’s a must when it comes to deal with their lack of emotions since they are usually viewed as unemotional persons. Yes, we do have feelings but we’re just not so eager to express them !

″ A hurt Sagittarius is seen keeping himself/herself alone and distant.″

       This is who Sags are, like it or not but don’t expect them to change and it’s best to take it as a quality since it takes a great amount of confidence to be so sure of yourself and to never want to be different. 🙂  I’d like to write so many on this subject but I think that is enough for today ! Enjoy your Sag, if you have one ! Muah ! 


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