Back to my roots – The getting rid of any blonde traces “process”

“I never make the same mistake twice. I make it three-four times, you know, just to be sure!”



They say that the Sagittarius adores any change. Is seeing it as an adventure, and they crave it in order to feel good about themselves.

And that they’re getting bored easily!

I totally approve. That’s definitely me!

Since forever I had a thing for being a blonde girl.

I remember the first time I’ve dyed my hair blonde. It was around the age of fourteen. Back then… I was in a music band. Me with two boys, and we had a “concert” on 1st of June (children’s day) in Constitutiei – a well know area and park in Bucharest.


Before that event, I managed somehow to convince my father to let me bleach my hair. Probably he was proud of me at the time, and that’s why he approved. But such a big mistake, the result was horrible.

I didn’t care back then. I was just a kid with a yellow mess in the hair, dressed in a funny light blue jeans set – corset and frilled midi skirt.

A kid waiting to get on a stage. To sing in front of other kids, which were applauding on anyone, and asking for autographs from whoever was on that stage.

So fun to remember these things…

Now it seems like it became a habit for me that every time I want to make a change, I get blonde.

Let me explain…

My hair colour is a light sandy brown which naturally every summer gets lighter. Somehow during summer every time it strikes me the “new look” crave. I go blonde, I like it for a bit after I get bored with it and I just let it be and grow until the next time when I do the same.

Last summer… my hair longer than ever, more blonde than ever!


I liked it until last month. Then I chopped my hair off because – why have it so long, it is too uncomfortable and most of the time tied up, right?

About today’s post title?




After finding some “getting rid of hair dye” options on the internet, such as using a mixture from vinegar and olive oil or squeezing lemons in my head for several days, I developed badly the wish on getting back on my natural hair colour.

And as I would never try the above methods, my only options were whether to leave it to grow and cut it constantly until I get rid of all the blonde or dye it again in the nearest shade to my natural.

I chose the second option since I started to really hate the darker roots growth on blonde hair.

I was lucky enough to find approximately the same colour as mine. And the fact that instead of 30 minutes I stayed just 15, gave me exactly what I wanted.

No more traces of blonde, no more the ugly gap between grown roots and dyed hair, and a uniform colour, which after each wash will be closer to mine.

No more hair colour changes for me – not the first time I’ve said it but I’ll be the last.

Natural is best! Let’s stick to it!

Until next time. Muah!





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