A well-spent Monday: Hanging on a horizontal metal bar challenge

                           Oh you guys, I’m still pissed that I could not stay hanging on a horizontal metal bar for more than 30 seconds.  Yep, you read that right! Let me tell you!

                           Just like everywhere else, Sunday and Monday it was a big celebration here as well. With the sea road traffic and shopping area with all clothing stores closed, the Larnaca seaside turned into the perfect place for the immense fair, that was arranged for these two free days.

                            To be honest, I knew it was a big party around town, but I did not know for sure what we would find there. Plus that we planned Monday, a relaxing and refreshing day spent on the beach, surrounded by delicious iced coffees. 
                           And that’s how it all started … We got to the beach and I finally saw what was actually going on there. Two large scenes, set at a distance, where groups of children would sing once the festival begins, big tents specially arranged as shops with souvenirs, vintage jewelry, traditional desserts, traditional drinks, all kind of delicious nuts and dried fruits, candy cotton, grilled corn, fake brand bags and wallets and Kylie Cosmetics sold for the only 8 euro… I guess those were fake as well.

                           Well, there everything was still arranging and preparing for later, so we continued our walk on the beach that was absolutely full. A square of the beach was closed due to the fireworks guns prepared for the evening, a total madness with plenty of noise that made me farewell to my relaxed plans.

                          Finally, we managed to find sunbeds right in the first line to my surprise, perfectly for the baby to play next to the warmer water ever. We’ve spent a few hours sunbathing, drinking those delicious ice coffees as I said before and making some pictures you will see in this post.            
                       Shame on me I didn’t think of taking few pictures to the festival or the fair with all those pretty things that were around. Or with me hanging on that bar… that would have been funny. 

                         Okay, about that, there were so many fun games for both kids and adults, many of this kind of games when you throw a ball or shoot and if you’ve got at least one of the lucky numbers you have chosen before, you’ll choose your prize whatever you want from that place. Somewhere in a corner, there was a guy with a horizontal metal bar with two balloons at the edges, a chair, a stopwatch and a panel with the message ” Hang on the bar for 2 minutes, to win 200 euro”. 

                         We watched one muscle guy, a super skinny girl and a kid trying it and no one managed to stay more than 1 minute. I’ve asked if we have some headphones with us, to make me forget and distract me from all those staring people, but we didn’t have, then I thought that some baby powder would be helpful in order to keep the palms dry… we didn’t lose time to go and buy some… and I gave it a try. We paid 3 euro, I climbed on the chair, touched the bar, saw that it was not as thin as I had imagined, I noticed it is not rotating which is an advantage and I said I can do it. They removed the chair and it started the stopwatch. I had so much confidence in myself … I knew for sure I’ll hang there easily for those 2 minutes. Yeah, maybe next time with some training before because this time I managed to stay only 30 seconds and I was so disappointed afterwards. It looks so easy but it’s not…  I really don’t think someone has won since after me, were other two muscle guys and as well they didn’t manage to stay more than 1 minute or so. 
                           While reading today on the internet, I found out that this bar is a challenge, it is a total scam, but it doesn’t bother me at all, it was fun to try and get pissed after I did not win. 
                            Has anyone tried the horizontal bar challenge? Are you guys among lucky winners? I hope so!

Until next time! Muah! 💋

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