A well-spent day / Family trip

A well-spent day / Family trip

I’ve always been crazy about home goods stores.

Our favourite 

Starting from any kind of home decoration, accessories, to furniture…

Whether if I need to buy something or just to look what’s new (pretty much ending up with a few items to pay), IKEA it’s one of my favourite spots ever.

Ok, not necessarily to buy furniture from…

But I would definitely spend a whole day in the IKEA maze, that’s a burst of inspiration to me, with its fabulous rooms designs.

Not a wasted day for sure!

And then.. those Swedish meatballs, just YUM!

There is no such thing as ”quick stop to IKEA” and if you’re a fan, you definitely know what I mean.

One person who likes it maybe more than me is my daughter.

Whether if she would stay in the play area while we enjoy our shopping experience.

Or she’s coming along, trying all the beds, playing in those pretty forts displayed in kids rooms and adding non-stop items in the bag or basked, she’s absolutely in love with the place.

Kind of every time we leave, you can listen to “Bye-bye IKEA, see you tomorrow.” Yes, sure!

Normally she wouldn’t miss school but for a day there, she would.

With holidays approaching, probably like everyone else, we started craving for some new things for our home.

Such as.. wall shelf – since my super crafty husband, bought a brand new drilling machine.

Some pretty napkins – not that I would have too many guests for Christmas dinner.

A new carpet – because it’s always welcome.

New curtains – just wanted from brown to change to beige – don’t ask.

Some Christmassy smelling candles and the list goes on…

So somehow my husband and I ended up three times in IKEA in only one week.

Family trip

Every time after finishing the shopping “session” I was thinking to my daughter, that she would’ve loved to be with us.

Third time while we were enjoying our lunch, the guilt struck me. ”A third trip to her favourite spot without her.”

Since she needed a wardrobe refresh and new shoes, I’ve decided that the best option is to take Monday off from school and go together shopping and in IKEA.

So that’s exactly what we did!

It’s unbelievable how even on the fourth day in such a short period of time, you still find what to buy from there.

The day passed how I thought it would be.

Ok… just a little bit noisier than I expected. But, at the end of it, I was really pleased with my daughter skipping school for a day to be with us.

Since she started complaining sometimes regarding her outfits, for every item she needed, I gave her two options and let her chose which one likes more.

New places

Thank God we needed to have a look for shoes in more shops because we found a hidden gem that stunned us.

A Gloria Jean’s coffee shop, in a bookshop that’s absolute perfection.

It is so pretty, cosy and special.

Such a nice atmosphere, with so many incredible books at crazy accessible prices.

What sounds better than a place so nice, where to drink your coffee while reading something good?

That’s definitely a great way to start the day, and I really wish I had that place around our house somewhere.

It was a well-spent day.

Family walk, exploring the streets of another city, new places, taking lots of pictures and shopping.

Take a look!


Until next time! Muah ?


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