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Hey there everyone!

                      If I had been asked in the last few years which colour, I’d rather not add to my wardrobe and I would not wear in my outfits, among the few colours that would have been in my answer, it would have certainly been yellow as well. In the past, I even consider the yellow colour inappropriate for me as I have a blondish hair and we all know that yellow clashes with the hair and gives the skin an unpleasant and more pallid undertone.
                    Plus, to be honest, although I adore the sunflower, I never liked the combination of yellow and black in a clothing outfit and I really don’t find anything more boring than that. Maybe just for Halloween … a bee costume.
                   But with the years passing by and ageing, some preferences are changing as well, and it seems that the yellow hue started to be more accepted by me, is more and more present in my wardrobe and in my clothing acquisitions. I still don’t like the black and yellow combo though…
                  A very fun and interesting thing has happened to me for some time… when it comes to shopping and to refresh my closet… I decide what I would like to have new, to wear, to buy and once arrived in the shops, I realise that what I was keen to bring new in my wardrobe, turns out is actually one or more of the current trends.
                Like the yellow! I have no idea from where came my burning passion for this hue lately, I just decided to go out a bit from the classics white, black, gray, and from the neutral shades that I generally use, and add some brightness and colour to my outfits and so, the yellow shade was well installed in my mind, the hue that eventually turned out to trending big for this spring.
               Woo.. trends prediction power!
               I’m not the kind of person to wear something I really do not like just because it’s a trend, but here, I dared to try something new, a color I didn’t like, or at least I thought I don’t like just because I didn’t try to wear before and which experts suggest that ″blondes simply can’t wear yellow″ but it turned out to be more than just ok for me. Probably… thanks to tan!
             And now that I have revealed my new passion for this bright and vivid colour, I invite you to see how crazy good it looks on the fashion runways and not only.

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Dare to try something new!
Until next time! Muah!

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