A sense of style! #toddlerway


               When I was a child, I was giving to my mother a hard time, at least that’s what she is saying. Wardrobe requirements at the age of kindergarten… in most of the days or even better, when we were running late. Independent and stubborn since when I know myself, I wanted to pick out my outfits to wear, following crises if the answer was the big and certain NO.
               What I know for sure is that I really wanted to wear sandals and dress during winter and boots during summer. That’s crazy!
               Now I have a three years old baby girl and it looks like we reached the point of choosing our own clothes. It is not a secret anymore that what they see, they do, and I guess all babies when they reach to toddlerhood are driven to be independent. They find self-dressing and choosing the outfits by themselves fun, it is an important burst in their development and even if it’s pretty messy with the room covered in a multitude of clothes everywhere, I’m not going to take that away. I’m just going to be there, to make sure she’s not wearing the bathing suit on a frosty winter day or if she wears her t-shirt backwards and the tights inside out.


Her love, Peppa Pig jacket…

                 I went through a situation with the obsession for boots… when I bought for her some pretty rubber boots which she wanted to wear anytime and everywhere, but since it wasn’t the proper weather, I give her chance to wear them in the house until she got bored.
              Now, my daughter is stubborn and wants to be independent and this is not a bad thing in life, but I think I’m luckier than my mother was with me, because if she chooses the wrong thing to wear and I explain to her why is not good to wear it, she would understand and just pick something else without crises. Or depends on the day…
              Although she has her dresser full of pink, purple or other girl colours she goes with dark shades or blue and she is in love with her BLUE Frozen backpack even if is bigger than her. It seems this brings joy when start the day quietly and fun by choosing what she wants and therefore brings to me a quiet day without stress.
Let’s see now her sense of style… with a little help from me to adjust the jeans, since she picked the biggest ones from the closet. 🙂
Keira’s Outfit:
Juicy Couture Kids |  Jeans
OVS |  Double layer T-shirt
Zara Kids | Boots
Next | Peppa Pig  Jacket
Disney Frozen Backpack

Happy Sunday, everyone! Muah!


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