5 options for your V-day outfit

           Hello, everyone! I hope you all are well and happy!
           If a few days ago I did a post which contains a guide to the best gifts ideas for ladies and gents, which you can see right here in case you missed it, now in the last minute,  I thought it’s best to speak about the outfits that you choose for Valentine’s Day and why not, maybe to inspire a bit. There are plenty of options for the romantic date of the year and lots of places to go and each may bring headaches when it comes to ″what do I wear″ dilemma since we know that we should have a slightly flirty but fine look. 
          Whether you choose to go for a romantic restaurant, movies, opera, have dinner at home or in case you are single to just go out with your friends for some drinks, Valentine’s days is once again the perfect excuse to shine bright and have fun.

Heart Cape

          You guys have already planned something for the syrupy day of the year? Or is your lover turn to surprise you? Are you single but you and your girlfriends are hitting the town for some fun?
Well, here are some outfits options to look good and turn heads!
           A good quality SUIT might be the best and sure my favourite to go outfit. It offers finesse and power, while it is sexy and whether you chose a white or black one, I’m sure you’ll look great in. Choose one that is slightly wider to provide that touch of masculinity, with that sexy V-neck cut blazer, pair it with stilettos in nude or black or some precious sandals and a clutch and you’re good to go. This works well whether you go out with your partner or if you’re single and just want to have fun with your friends. Don’t forget to rock on your red lips look! 
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          Or you can choose to wear just a oversized blazer, combined with a skirt or with a short bodycon dress…

Alexa Chung

           The lace textured romantic fabric it’s like going hand in hand with this celebration. The material is beautiful, fine and gentle and if you don’t want to be all over, you can opt for a dress with lace in just some areas or with some details. Again worn with stilettos or heeled sandals, will result in a flirty yet fine look. A lace dress is good for both options as a day or night date but just find the good amount of lace for each of them. Velvet dress with lace sleeves is a good option!

Alexa Chung Star Style | ELLE UK


Under $200 14 Lace Dresses That Look Way More Expensive


Celebrity Style Colored Lace Trend

             This 90’s flirty and feminine style was big in 2016 and it looks like still is, plus these dresses are a perfect day to night styles, so why not choose it to wear for your date? The spaghetti straps dress is super soft, silky and body-skimming and will give you an incredibly chic look. Note that you can certainly wear it if you stay home and just watch movies or sleep! 🙂
           Yet if you think it’s not in your style or you feel too naked with it, you can go with the long sleeves silky slip dress option!

Splurge Jamie Chung’s Resident Advisors Los Angeles Premiere Mason by...


House of Holland Chainmail Metallic Slip Mini Dress - Shop Online at...

            Red is a classic and will always look good and probably that’s why they say ″when in doubt wear red″. It is such a beautifully rich colour that displays passion and power, it fits perfectly with the most romantic day of the year and by choosing the LRD for Valentine’s day, you’ll look beautiful, elegant and stylish. Good luck with that!



A red dress and a book
Red Alert 8 Rouge Fashions from Reformation

           Now for a cinema date or something quieter, if you like the funny and alive prints you can go for a heart printed shirt or wear your heart on your chest. You can wear some pants, skirt or jeans, combined with a tee with one heart pattern or multiple heart printed shirt, for cinema, picnic or for a walk in the park with your partner. Have a fun and relaxed look and walk hand in hand with V-Day!
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Burberry Crew Neck Heart Print Merino Wool Sweater


Burberry Heart Print Linen Shirt


Bandit Brand Sweet Heart Dolly Tee


I wish you all a happy Sunday and see you later! Muah!



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