It's all about donuts flavor…

It's all about donuts flavor…

Last year in December I got crazy with the vapor cigarettes. Actually,  after those crazy good smelling liquids. I felt around me one day cream and strawberries smell and my eyes transformed in hearts. I said that it’s the best way for me to quit smoking cigarettes. Of course, we thought that it’s best for both to try to quit smoking with this method.
There are too many shops and places where you find in this days vapor cigarettes so  I did a little research before to buy. From where? What type of kit? What liquid? After few days we had 2 starter kits with 2 different e-liquids. I happily start vaping, quit buying cigarettes I felt for two days a little head pressure but eventually it passed. 
What did we buy from Eleaf World?

  • Starter kit boxes iStick ( stick, battery, charger)
  • iJust 2 Atomizer (  the part of a vaping device that heats the e-liquid and turns it into vapor)
  • E-Juices     img_2904

What Juices did we choose from Mad Hatter ?

  • I ♥ Donuts with fresh blueberries and glazed cake donut flavors, 6 mg     nicotine, AWESOMENESS: 100% 🙂 
  • Creme de la crema Capone blueberry custard tart, 3 mg nicotine img_2905 

The benefits :

  • no bad smell and bad breath 
  • no cigarette burns or dirty ashtrays
  • are more cost-effective in the long run than cigarettes
  • fewer chances of getting cancer or other smoking illnesses
  • can help people quit smoking
  • so many e-liquids delicious flavors
  • you can choose your own amount of nicotine from 0 up to 24 mg

Is vaping safe ?  Various studies have proven that vaping is a far safer alternative to smoking. However, the long-term effects are unknown. I think the damage is slightly less vaping without the nicotine and it’s far better than smoking cigarettes. I took a break to use it for half-year (coffee tastes better with a normal one) but since I remembered maybe it’s a good idea to restart vaping. Let’s see for how long this time !
Happy vaping ! 🙂 🙂 


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